BetterEvaluation is an international collaboration to improve the practice and theory of evaluation by creating and curating information on choosing and using evaluation methods and processes, including managing evaluations and strengthening evaluation capacity.

We support people to apply new knowledge to their particular situations, and to share their experiences and further contribute to learning how to do an evaluation better. 

The BetterEvaluation website is the primary platform for this work. The site went live in October 2012.

BetterEvaluation supports three connected areas of activity: evaluation practice, evaluation capacity strengthening and research and development in evaluation.

BetterEvaluation was founded by four partners, ILAC, ODI, Pact, and RMIT University. Its main operations were physically based at RMIT University (Melbourne) for its first five years of operation, before it moved to ANZSOG as part of the Evidence and Evaluation Hub in August 2016.

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