Operating a company in Balkan is not as easy as you may think at first sight. It is not the very business model and business idea that is the problem it is more the business environment that seems to be shrinking all the time. Yes; economies shrink and so do companies but when the crisis is over you would expect the business environment to be live and dynamic again. If you live in Germany or Finland this might be true but if you live in Balkan you are very much wrong. When economic factors are improved, you must wait for another couple of years for the political context to improve, too. You need to wait for elections, for the government to form and ministries to start working. You may need to wait for the large project to be ready to go or e social reform to help people to live. But it is just a scheme; they tend to keep us all focused to wrong challenges. They would like us to sit in front of the TV and watch their very own BigGov Reality show. We are expected to believe their problems and their big ideas from assassinations, to wages system changes and strikes, they would like us to believe tax reforms and new legislation that will ease our lives. They would like us to be occupied with their hard work and their genius ideas that will help us. And they would like us of course to give them more time since their hard work will show results in just a little bit. But it will not! Trying to keep us all focused to wrong questions won’t help anyone.
Through time the business environment did not improve and never will, so just do not wait! Start being yourself and kickass right now. Think of new approach and new ways of doing it and start right now. In culture, sport, environmental care or climate change, health, your local community or children’s playground it just all the same. Go on and start changing things for better and as you like it. Involve others and go together.

I had a luck, I was around when first days of democracy in Slovenia started, I was around when society started to change and I saw the change. I was one of all these people who wanted change and the change happened. Not by waiting for the government to start reform programme and implement it but by starting changing right now. They say it was revolution, for me and probably lots of others it was just another day in life. The day we all knew that we need to go on and that government will not go on for us.

As 27 years ago, today it is a normal day. The day we all need to start the change by changing ourselves. The change is in us. So, stop following the governments and elections and do not even try to understand the tax reform, just open up and start building. You will be exhausted believe me. But you will be tired because you did something for yourself and for the community. Clean up backyard, wash your car, open a business, learn a song or write it, no matter just move and live the dreams don’t not wait for others to build dreams for you. Become the manager of your life. Become entrepreneur.

Yes; it was the best idea in my life to become an entrepreneur. The best idea I ever had. And we will prevail.

The picture in this blog is from derelictlondon.com/graffiti–streetart.