IMG_9640-001we are currently engaged in the Ex post evaluation of the Operational programme Rural development fund 2007-2013. Ex post evaluation is a summative evaluation of a Rural Development Programme after it has been completed. It is conducted at a point where it is possible to assess impacts and the added value of the programme funding, both at EU and programme level.
The impact and added value of the interventions are important means to show programme achievements with the funds spent, justify the programme budget and enhance the transparency and accountability of EU rural policy to stakeholders and taxpayers.
The ex post evaluation also provides the opportunity to see whether the policy was designed and implemented appropriately to address the most relevant needs in the programme area.

Mojca Hrabar is a team leader for this assignment while she is also coordinationg a team of experts who were all involved in ex post evaluatons in their own countries and in international projects Marek Pihulič from Slovakia, Rolf Bergs from Germany, Stefano Mussi from Italy, Jurij Kobal and Alenka Vodončnik from Slovenia.
We expect partial results of the evaluation to be available in the beggining of July while final report on the ex post evaluation will be delivered to the client Ministry for agricultue, forestry and food in the end of 2016.