Friday Inspiration from Dundee

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Hello Jurij

What an exciting day at Inspire HQ in Perth on Tuesday 19th when Deputy First Minister John Swinney and Dave Doogan, SNP Candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife visited.

John and Dave in fact stayed for nearly 2 hours discussing a wide range of business topics and we were delighted to share how a small firm was able to reach international markets by the effective use of technology.

Mr Swinney was very interested in our business model where we use the best management tools available to manage an international workforce and still deliver a seamless and highly effective service for our rapidly growing number of clients.

But we didn’t forget the home market either and asked both Mr Swinney and Mr Doogan, if SNP are re-elected to government, would they look again at another rollout of the successful Digital Voucher scheme.  We banged the drum again about universal connectivity, digital access fast becoming a human right which Mr Swinney is sympathetic to.

In terms of where society is going our call was strengthened by citing the latest stats from South Korean Information Society for example where connectivity is the best in the World with average connection speed almost double that of the UK and USA in 2015. We also pointed out the stats that accessing the web via a tablet or mobile now surpasses the use of desktop PCs.

We also discussed at length about “localisation” which is about Scottish businesses utilising different language versions of their website to engage with the international community. As much as English is the language of international commerce we should take account of the SEO benefits a website in the native language of our customers would deliver.

Another inspiring morning at the office.

Kind Regards

David Dwyer

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