In first stages of the project preparation process project promoters and stakeholders need to define initial project design which will lead both of them through further steps developing the successful project.

Analysis and project development tools like SWOT, LFA, risk analysis are used for the quality improvement, to budgeting and cost and benefits calculation which will give internal and external understanding of the project to be decided upon community benefits and costs being a key criteria for the sustainable growing communities.

Project process tools, Oikos, 2012

Project process tools, Oikos, 2012

Based on external evaluation of projects (OECD DAC criteria or any other may be used) project promoters need to apply strategic and technical changes to the project draft in order to achieve better regional benefits, use gender and other social group’s opportunities and better fit community relevance. Only at this stage projects are ready enough to be further developed in terms of implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes for the final implementation of the project developed.

Project promoters are responsible to achieve motivation and participation in project design stage and not to lose motivation generated later in implementation stage. Project promoters need to understand that transparency is a key to quality and efficiency of the project even if the process of project preparation may take longer. Project promoters need to apply methodological tools to project design to understand relevance and feasibility of the projects and will need to work hard to develop sustainable projects.

Based on all these basic project management rules any project may be applied to requirements of any tender dossier that will force project partners to following specific requirements of each financial fund available. Delivering the proposal for the project by the dead line may be a key milestone for the administrative processing of the project but the quality issues are a key for community and are a key for the sustainable growth.