Like every year in last the23 years of Oikos’ existence we spent three days evaluating our operations in 2011. Not only financial but also project activities were discussed which gave us an understanding for our plan in 2012.

  • We have been weak in social networking especially in projects we are implementing. Social networks not only digital must and will be used to keep up public discussions and understand needs of different stakeholders.
  • We need to be more active in developing project management and analytical tools and methods and in using them. Clear project tools are needed in order to make project management more efficient and also to be able to develop and maintain social dialogue and support clients in their decision making.
  • We have more space in developing our cooperation with project partners. Coordination and open collaboration with project partners gives way to innovation and efficiency and we will keep on supporting it.
  • We have been lazy at cooperation among us internally. Internal cooperation is a key for future open and successful social integration.

But we have also been good at some issues.

  • We have started strong cooperation with former competitors and togethere we established ROBBA Consortium. We like it. We are happy to be a part of it.
  • Our operations in Croatia and Serbia have started to pick up activities and finished  2011 business year successfully. We will be hiring there soon. And we like it.
  • We won some nice and important projects and are working with our clients to bring project result with the aim of addressing relevant needs of their target groups. We will do so in the future, too.

Our planning for 2012 is over. We love our projects so let’s enjoy now.