Identify Key City Stakeholders There is a long list of potential stakeholders for the plan within a city context, for example:• The Local Authority • Higher Education Establishments • Private Business • NHS Establishments• Local communityIdentifying which of the above will be key to your project is crucial at an early stage so that you can plan their involvement and take account of their views, knowledge and experience.It is also important to clearly define the physical boundaries of the programme:During their city-wide carbon reduction plan Bristol settled on the city limits as the limit, but this could equally be a ring road. Manchester included the 10 local authorities that make up the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities AGMA.This decision defines the scope of the work required and it is important to establish this from the outset.The stakeholder mapping tool is designed to help you identify the key stakeholders and begin to plan their involvement in the process. In practice, you will probably build an understanding of the importance and influence of individual stakeholders iteratively throughout the life of the programme. For this reason it is important to revisit periodically your initial impressions and update them with new information.Bristol held a city wide kick off meeting to which a broad range of stakeholder were invited. They found this useful in gauging interest and generating ideas.

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