At Oikos whole history of the company lies in motivating and moderating multi-level and multi-stakeholder debate to agree on common goals and develop workable strategies to achieve objectives. Fortunately, Oikos was established in 1989 as a private company in the first days of the market economy and political reform in Yugoslavia which gave us an us an opportunity to be around when huge changes in economic and social life were taking place. We are happy we could use our almost 30-year history to gain considerable experience on the dynamic aspects of various national as well as EU policies and understanding transition. Through various projects Oikos gained extensive experience in the countries of the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Georgia) as well as Turkey.

In the past Oikos was one of the key innovation vehicles in several sectors in Slovenia and Balkans (methodologies for nature conservation planning, environmental impact assessment tool box, strategic environmental assessment process, new approaches to programme preparation). With new era our role in innovation goes on within European scope by being present in key EU level projects such as Horizon 2020, methodological projects and high-level policy assignments in several countries and for the for European Commission. We are still very active in business consulting being one of the few to support large FDI and domestic investments in green and grey filed sites, developing basic studies for the tourisms investments, transport services, industry and services.   

Way before Slovenia entered EU we were developing circular economies on local scale combining rural, cultural, natural, human potential to understand future perspective and grow (Soča River Management Plan in 1995 funded by the DG Environment, village and local economy renewal projects funded by municipalities and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and several others). We were supporting development of sustainable companies within private projects of big and small enterprises and supporting the development of infrastructure understanding social impact and impact to environment by understand economic impact to regional and national growth.


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